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Providing Tailored Transition Training in a wide area 

Future-Proofing Your Business

Improve the efficiency and expertise of your organisation with our comprehensive transition training options. A range of courses are available from our reputable team, including the ISO 9001 course, and we always tailor them to your needs. Based in Dronfield, Derbyshire, and serving clients throughout Sheffield and South Yorkshire, we take a unique approach to deliver top-quality courses for competitive prices.

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Training for Managers - BS EN ISO 9001:2015

An intensive transition training course is now available for senior managers and others in similar positions. This covers the major changes within the new standards. We offer in-house consultancy and a detailed guidance document that provides advice on adapting existing systems to meet these new requirements.

Boosting Your Business

Our team understand that the customer always comes first. This is extremely important in business, and good management aims to promote and complete this effectively. It is often difficult to achieve this without the right facilities, yet real efficiency is only achieved when the workforce receives proper training. This results in tasks that are carried out to the definitions specified within the Quality System.

Specialised Services

Training often involves the examination of various aspects. Broadly speaking, it covers the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Our team have looked at these words in detail to discover why your company should utilise our services.


Basically, everyone in your organisation needs training, both in terms of their role in the Quality System and in their specific tasks. The level and extent of training often varies, so we have courses for everyone from the shop floor to board level.


General training in quality appreciation is available for everyone. Specialised training in particular aspects of system creation and operation for selected personnel is also advised. We place great emphasis on participation by all delegates to ensure real understanding of the subject, and wherever possible, practical work is introduced into the programme. Where our standard courses are not exactly what you require, we can tailor our services to your specific needs.


This is for you to decide, but the sooner the better. We have scheduled courses at our training centre in Sheffield, or we conduct courses at your premises by arrangement.


Our modern training centre at The Source Academy in Meadowhall, Sheffield is equipped facilities that are necessary for in-depth training. This ensures that you receive great results from your chosen course. Courses are intensive, but they are structured to ensure that interest is maintained throughout, and that the surroundings are conducive to effective learning.

Why QSS?

Place your trust in our talented team. Our trainers are all experienced industrialists who provide not just theoretical training in the application of quality principles, but practical interpretation of what is needed to make your business successful.

We have been responsible for running businesses, so we know the importance of a cost-effective outlay. Our charges are, we believe, realistic, and the course content in all cases is developed to provide a practical, in-depth appreciation of what is required for the effective functioning of your system. Properly structured and, above all, properly applied, your Quality System is your company. If you want results, make sure your people are properly trained.


First-class training is assured at our lecture theatre, and we possess high-quality facilities that augment your experience. Our tutors have a vast array of practical experience, and they have created and operated quality management systems in a wide range of industries. More than 600 systems have been installed by our experts in total, which proves our proficiency.

Contact our trusted team, in Dronfield, Derbyshire, for further details about the ISO 9001 transition training course.

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